The story behind the design:

”Hygge” is something very Danish to me. The word has a somewhat unique definition, as it means ’cosy’ but is more than cosy. It is a feeling, a mood and an action. It is used both as an adverb and as an adjective in the Danish language, so whatever contributes to the feeling of ”cosiness” will be defined as ”hyggelig”.

”Hygge” is to feel safe. It is something pleasant and down to earth – a break from the hectic everyday life – often including having a cup of coffee or something good to eat. It evokes joyful feelings of relaxation and good company – even if the company is just one self.

A place that the Danes like to be ”hyggelig” is their home. For many Danes a lot of effort is put into decorating the home. This is why you may find a lot of beautifully designed kitchenware, furniture, lamps and other items of high quality in Danish stores.

There are different and personal ways to picture and define ”hygge”. In my opinion, it is visualized through the old timber framed houses which are often seen in towns and villages around Denmark. Well taken care of, with clear and colourful facades and wild flowers twining up the wall, the houses are the epitome of an idyllic life in pleasant surroundings. With that in mind, I have created a little house which serves as the frame of ones memories of the Danish ”hygge”.

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